Domestic Call Out Service Details

Telephone : 01305 251180  Mobile : 07500 807690

We know that to have unwelcome pests in your home or garden is at best unpleasant, and at worst very distressing. Proactive Pest Prevention Ltd offer a competitively priced call out service for a range of pest problems to the householder.

We will undertake the most appropriate and humane technique of pest control, using the leading  brands of insecticide or rodenticide to treat the type of infestation or problem that you are suffering. At all times consideration will be given to the safety of the customer when deciding on the treatment method, this also includes risk assessing additional factors such as the presence of children or pets.

Our prices are highly competitive and VAT free.The full details of the technique of pest control to be used will be fully explained prior to treatment. We will inform you as to how long we expect it will take to clear your house or garden of the unwelcome guests, and the details of our treatment methods used for a range of pests can be found by clicking the Treatments tab at the top of this page. Our technician is trained to RSPH Level 2 in Pest Control, which gives you the reassurance that your problem is being dealt with by an operator who holds the benchmark qualification for pest control in the UK.

Following the treatment we will provide you with a written report confirming the work undertaken and the type and amount of insecticide or rodenticide used, together with any further appropriate advice or guidance.

We offer a pest control service for the following:


                Ants    Bees    Beetles    Cluster Flies    Cockroaches       Crawling & Flying Insects   Fleas   Grey Squirrels   Hornets   Mice   Moles   Moths   Rabbits   Rats  Wasps   Woodworm

Don't suffer these pests in your house or garden please call Robin on 01305 251180 or       07500 807 690.

We know from experience that some properties, due to the type of construction or location, may be at a higher and continued risk of encroachment by pests (very often older rural properties). Therefore, we offer householders of these types of properties the option of an ongoing pest control contract should they require one. Our household contract covers Rats and Mice and involves the placement of a number of discreet tamperproof boxes around your property and garden to provide constant protection against an unexpected rodent infestation. They are checked and replenished as required during the service visits. Some benefits of an ongoing contract are listed below:

  • Regular inspections of your property and garden for signs of pest activity ( 4, 6 or 8 per year, more if requested).
  • Advice on prevention methods and any recommended proofing required.
  • Discounts on our normal treatment charges for additional pests eg Wasps, Moles, Flies, Ants, etc when compared to our normal charges. 
  • Peace of mind that your property is being monitored against infestation by a fully qualified technician.
  • A cost effective alternative to continued call out rodent treatments.

Please call Robin on 01305 251180 or 07500 807 690 to arrange a free no obligation quotation for your pest control needs.

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